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the white house. this afternoon the president holds a rally in norfolk, virginia. on labor day he told auto workers in ohio they are better off thanks to his administration's auto industry bailout. >> i believed in you. i bet on you. i'll make that bet any day of the week. >> reporter: but republicans are hammering away at the president's record, questioning whether americans are doing better since he took office. >> i would ask the 23 million people today in america who are struggling to find work if they feel like they're better off. >> reporter: democrats will use their convention to make the case to voters the nation is better off. randall pinkston, cbs news, charlotte. >>> meanwhile, republican mitt romney has no campaign eevents -- campaign events scheduled this week. he is preparing for three debates with obama earlier next month. >>> thomas gore pleaded guilty in may to organizing under-the- table payments to former mayoral candidate suleman brown. it was part of an alleged shadow campaign to get gray elected. gore was the first of three campaign aides to plead guilty, and federal p
for the football team. >>> ann romney is in leesburg, virginia today, she's campaigning for her husband. she's in the area for a women for romney rally at the twin oaks riding academy. the aspiring first lady from the republican national convention in tampa last week. she says that she wants to spread a message of fiscal conservativism to women. after today's event, she will have an interview with 9news now anchor anita brikman and you can hear the full interview tonight on 9news now at 7:00 and 11:00 p.m. >>> with the conventions over president obama and gop nominee mitt romney are on the campaign trail today. tara mergener reports that both candidates are spinning the latest jobs report in an attempt to win voters. >> reporter: president obama wanted to hit the campaign trail this morning with momentum from the democratic convention but the latest jobs report is stealing his thunder. the numbers show employers added fewer workers than expected last month. the president acknowledged more work needs to be done and his acceptance speech last night. >> you didn't elect me to tell you what you
entire career covering foreign policy, and he'll explain exactly what this means. >>> virginia is a key battleground state in the 2012 presidential campaign. we're looking live now. the republican presidential nominee is holding a campaign rally at the van dyke park in fairfax, virginia. we're looking admit romney speaking. let's listen in to him. [ cheers and applause ] >> number four, we're not going to have entrepreneurs go out and start a small business or big businesses decide to build new factories in america if they think we're headed to the road to greece. this spending massively more than we take in every year is killing jobs. it's one more reason why it's essential for us to cut back on the size of the federal government and live within our means. i will get america on track to a balanced budget. it's essential to getting the job growth we need. >> we were listening live to republican presidential candidate mitt romney who is in fairfax, virginia right now talking about how he's going to get the country back on track economically. >>> by the way, first lady michele obama is go
by former president bill clinton. virginia governor bob mcdonnell says it was a good speech and president obama inherited a debt problem, but he told mike hydeck that the problem is not handling the situation well. >> after the speech tonight by president obama which no doubt will be good, we'll wake up tomorrow morning and get the new jobs report that's going to show for 43 months in a row, mike, that unemployment is over 8%. >> the president will take the stage tonight to accept his party's nomination. by the way, you can follow the convention by going to our website you can learn about the protests that are going on outside the convention hall. also, you can find out which virginia lawmaker says the president can easily win the commonwealth again this year. it's all on our website >>> in philadelphia bomb detecting dogs swept through u.s. airways flight 1267 after a bomb square. this was the scene early this morning at the philadelphia international airport. authorities say the flight heading to dallas returned to philadelphia shortly after tag off around 8:00 thi
's about extending brands nationwide but in this area, our partners like virginia imports, making sure we get into giant food and harris teeter and people going out there and getting them. again, it's that community that has supported us, that has allowed us to get in about 2,000 stores nationwide. i tell everybody and it says it in the article, if you think that you are not in business as the c.e.o. of your brand, you're fooling yourself. >> you've managed to make that work. like i said at a time when the music business has taken a lot of hits. where do you see marcus johnson headed at this point? you have the wines. you've got the cds, the music. sooner or later you've got to want to sit back for a minute. >> then you have the lounges and the hotels. i don't know what rest is. like i said -- i smiled when i read the post because my dad taught me how to win by being a hustler. it's a testament to having a great father, great step parents, great mother and great friends. great inspirations like you. >> reporter: get out of here. we should note there's going to abnew johnson on the face of
in woodbridge, virginia. and the title is "no woman, no cry." karen dennis is here to talk about it. the walk really is to memorialize a very special woman, 38-year-old jenny baits. tell me about -- bates. tell me about her. >> jenny was murdered by her estranged husband in september 2010. she had endured several years of domestic violence and separated and was trying to move on with her life but sadly she was murdered and left behind two children. >> she was a friend of yours. >> she was a close family friend. >> did you know about this violence? >> you know, many of her friends knew kind of towards the end. she had done some things. she had had a restraining order. sadly once we thought things were moving on in a different direction, it took a turn for the worst. >> this is one story but there's hundreds of other stories just like your friend jenny bates. so the walk is to draw attention to domestic violence and raise funds. >> absolutely. we partnered with national network to end domestic violence. nnedv. the money raised goes toward the organization and the trust fund. >> what time does i
could learn more today about plans to try a former virginia police officer on murder charges. daniel harman wright is scheduled to northbound culpeper county circuit court for a motions hearing. harman-wright shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook during a traffic stop last february. the officer claims cook trapped his hand in the window of her jeep as she drove away. but prosecutors say that harman- wright did not fire the fatal shots until he was clear of that vehicle. he's scheduled to go on trial in january. >>> we're waiting to find out the sentences for the five murder defendants involved in one of the most violent incidents in the district's history. three people were shot and killed on south capitol street in march of 2010. six others were injured. the shootings were revenge for a murder from an earlier day. five men were convicted back in may. >>> prince george's county police admit they have no leads in the murder of a 17-yard high school student -- 17-year-old high school student. they hope someone will come forward with some information. amber stanley was murdered in h
for the presidential debates. >>> today is the last day of summer vacation for most youngsters in northern virginia. it is back to school tomorrow for students in arlington, fairfax, prince william and stafford counties of as well as the cities of alexandria, falls church, fredricksburg and manassas. >>> in arlington county, some parents are upset that their youngsters will not be able to take the bus. they say they were notified last month that arlington public schools are getting rid of 12 bus stops. some parents are concerned that their children will have to walk nearly a mile to gliebe elementary school and across some busy roadways. the move affects about 1,000 students. arlington's superintendent says that the change was necessary because growing enrollment was causing the bus system to become overloaded. >>> a labor day tradition kicked off this morning in kensington. the 45th annual labor day parade and festival started on flyers mill road -- plyers mill road and headed down connecticut avenue and winding its way through the streets of kensington. thousands lined the parade route to watch f
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8